Mindfulness in a capsule wardrobe

Picture taken with Paper Camera App So my dears, in the last few months I’ve embarked the capsule wardrobe adventure and been loving it! I’m not going to lie..it had it’s hard parts. Getting rid of like..70% of my old stuff was one! I really link memories with clothes so much, so I had to…

The easiest of the fruit puddings!

When I found this recipe, I felt truly truly happy. Why? Because once you get the hack, you can use any juice OR you can have fruit cooking with water and some honey and herbs and get a liquid out of it by blending and would still work. See the possibilities?

Mah new love – Polar Bear Collar Pins

Oi!! I know ladies, I disappeared again. Sigh. This time was basically a combination of bad WiFi and laziness over the top of the world. Like, you know when you already don’t feel like doing anything, and you have to refresh 15 times because the Internet goes off? No fricking way. But I’m here now,…

Four little crucial daily battles

  1) Nice Coffee taste VS The Necessity of Brushing Your Teeth in The Morning: Yup. You’d wish to enjoy the taste of your freshly brewed coffee but you need to hurry right up. So unfair!! solution: 

A Lighter Spirit

One of my major characteristic, and flaw and perk at the same time, is that I infinitely tend to the improvement. Since I was a kid, I’ve had really clear what were the things about me that I liked, and those that I wanted to change. This vision matured in the time of course, but…

Taking a break..

You did realize that uhu? duh 😉 The thing is, after I finished my exams I thought I have a bunch of time before the graduation…and now

Best Of The Week!!

Edited image by Designlovefest Don’t you just LOVE (non working) Saturdays? You get to plan your week, stretch your muscles and spend some more time with your loved ones! Let me show you what I’ve been in love with, this week! 🙂

Behind Beauty: Petrolatum, Parabens& Silicone

Picture made by me on Picmonkey. Lol, I really didn’t know what to use 😀 At this very time, I bet a lot of you has heard about petrolatum and parabens being in cosmetics and daily use products, but there isn’t nearly enough information about what those really are. I will just be giving you…

Favorite Quotes from “The Little Prince”

The Little Prince is one one of my favorite books ever. Saint-Exupery’s way to say such wise, deep, eternal things in the language of a story for kids never stops amazing me, even if I must have read it a 20-ish times now. I was goingh through it again yesterday and I thought I’d write…

Let’s Plan..Together!

Planner by ABM|Stickers by ppappappiyo|postit by TigerShop|Masking stickers by Banggood.com Hey there, I’m well and alive and I hopefully got all the urgent things done so…let me tell you about my blogging plans! And of course any suggestion is more than welcome!

Black Liquorice Tea + A Little Hack to Enjoy It More

Hey guys!! I apologize for the lack of posts but I’m in full exams + stage craze and I barely see myself in the mirror at night! So,following the advice of the super cute Essie Button here, I decided to give a try to Black Liquorice Tea..and it’s pretty nice!!