I’m Back & I Bring Pink Brushes!!

Hi peeps!! Long time no see!! This one was long and, honestly, a bit scary but now I’m good and ready for normal life agan (kinda)!! 😀

Zoella & Balm Balm !!

I am simply crazy about this new Zoella Beauty Cosmetic Bag! The colors, the super cute guinea pig and the fact that I could stuff all of my daily use products in it and it still CLOSES. Ah!!

Little Humans – Oh The Cuteness!!

Should I stop buying books that are not about my academical career? Absolutely. Will I stop to do that? Don’t think so. The thing is..Little Humans by Brandon Stanton is filled with the cutest little kiddos, with adorable smiles and outfits!!

Become – The New journal For Finding Your Direction!!

I am SO excited for this brand new Gadanke‘s Journal !! The newcomer is called Become (Journal For Finding Your Direction) and it’s full of stimulating prompst to open your heart to the person you’d always wanted to be.

A girl can dream – Cristina Ortiz 9-karat rose gold diamond ring

I couldn’t get the picture of it but you can see it here. If money was no object, this ring would have reached my possession long ago ..and I think I would be wearing it all-the-time!! I don’t even know what to say. It’s just so beautiful. Nothing shines like real diamonds and rose gold…

Coin purse hunt!!

1. Frame coin purse with French Bulldog in pink by Thezakka 2.Frame coin purse citron grid on organic natural linen – Thezakka 3. Amigurumi crochet Whale coin purse – Sea and Light House (this one is a pattern to download) 4. MICO coin purse – Mico Handicraft