Been Watching – Animes!!

That’s probably something a 20-something shouldn’t confess but…me? Nah. I’m a shameless lad. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve caught me already anyway, here and here 😀  Since last summer I started watching animes and I am IN LOVE with them! It was S. who intoduced me to them..oh, what would I do without…

Mindfulness in a capsule wardrobe

Picture taken with Paper Camera App So my dears, in the last few months I’ve embarked the capsule wardrobe adventure and been loving it! I’m not going to had it’s hard parts. Getting rid of like..70% of my old stuff was one! I really link memories with clothes so much, so I had to…

Four little crucial daily battles

  1) Nice Coffee taste VS The Necessity of Brushing Your Teeth in The Morning: Yup. You’d wish to enjoy the taste of your freshly brewed coffee but you need to hurry right up. So unfair!! solution: 

Univerity’s bests and worsts

After the exam for the professional register, I don’t think I’ll be going to University for quite a long time. I am the kind that goes much better with practice than theory,plus I don’t think I can stand 2 more years of work+study..unless I get a scholarship somewhere abroad..then I wouldn’t mind a master..but anyway!!…

A Lighter Spirit

One of my major characteristic, and flaw and perk at the same time, is that I infinitely tend to the improvement. Since I was a kid, I’ve had really clear what were the things about me that I liked, and those that I wanted to change. This vision matured in the time of course, but…

Let’s be laaaazy..!!

The title of this could have been so classy and humble, like “Let yourself rest” or something..but I  really did make a purpose of being lazy, so I thought I stay true to myself hehe.. Anyway!! Since I just graduated, I decided (kidding, I was forced to) take a couple of weeks off. And it…

My Safety Net for Hard Studying Sessions!!

Hey there guys! Erm…I kinda…KNOW I disappeared again..but hem…I have exams! Just to let you understand my condition, I’ll have you know that I had pizza for lunch and now it’s 18:17 and I’m having instant noodles. Plus, all the ordinary things like my friend psychologically bullying me because they haven’t seen me in ages…

New Forms Of Luxury – Dry Socks!!

In the last few days I’ve found myself thinking a lot about those we call “small things”. You know? Thery’re so many and lots of people deeply discuss about them..but this is a very specific one!!

I’m back!! Here’s where I’ve been..

Hi there!! I’m back after a few days of hard work followed from couple of full rest days. While everybody around was celebrating Xmas, I took advantage of the holidays to meet family and friends, and slept more than I had done in a whole year!!

Experiments – Soap Bubbles Pictures!!

Few days ago I dragged my brother outside, bribing him with soap bubbles and telling him that he was going to help me with an experiment. That was absolutely true!! I wanted to see if I was able to photograph the bubbles..and came out that I need A LOT more exercise!! 😀

A Very Dear Point To Me – Islam Is NOT Terrorism

I know I know you guys are feelin’ all festive and don’t want to hear about serious topics at the moment. But I promise you this video is really short and the guy is explaining in some really easy words (and with an english accent) why Islàm is not to link with terrorism!!

New Infusion Crush +A Simple Meditation Method

I really have a thing for infusions. I find it the best way to stay hydrated in the cold months and I love to experiment with new types and pair them with food and good books. This one is Snore&Peace by Clipper Teas and it have chamomlle,lemon balm and lavender and I ADORE it!!