We’re Going To Paris!!

Yess!! Me and my not-so-little brother are departing on September the 16th, and we’ll spend 3 days in that magical city!

Big coming out – I’m a social assistant!! (Yup, I graduated)

Yup, I did !! I am now a doctor in Science of social service…and even if I don’t feel “doctorly” at all, this is one big step done! Now, the last big exam in November to be able to subscribe to the professional register, and I’ll officially be a social assistant!!

Let’s Plan..Together!

Planner by ABM|Stickers by ppappappiyo|postit by TigerShop|Masking stickers by Banggood.com Hey there, I’m well and alive and I hopefully got all the urgent things done so…let me tell you about my blogging plans! And of course any suggestion is more than welcome!

Spring Makeup 2015 – They Rock This Year!!

First, a lil’ confession. Today, right in the middle of my study session, I gave up everything to browse the new makeup collections for Spring 2015! Yup. And I’m not ashamed because this year some of my favorite brands are ROCKING!!

My ABM Planner is Here!!

  Yessssss!! The USA – Italy shipping didn’t even take as forever as I expected and now it’s here *.* 

Liebster Awardssssss!!

Wow!! Guys!! I just got my laptop back and I was going to start posting again today, when I found out that the lovely Mademoiselle Adventure nominated me for the Liebster Awards!! I also have some juicy news but I don’t want to spoil them for you just now!! 😀 I had no idea such…

Omnia Indian Garnet – An Iridescent, Silky Fragrance

In the last few weekends I’ve been working in a beauty shop in Siena, to promote all Bulgari’s fragrances, and in particular the very last members of the family: Omnia Indian Garnet (for her) and Man in Black (for him).

Zoella & Balm Balm !!

I am simply crazy about this new Zoella Beauty Cosmetic Bag! The colors, the super cute guinea pig and the fact that I could stuff all of my daily use products in it and it still CLOSES. Ah!!