The easiest of the fruit puddings!

When I found this recipe, I felt truly truly happy. Why? Because once you get the hack, you can use any juice OR you can have fruit cooking with water and some honey and herbs and get a liquid out of it by blending and would still work. See the possibilities?

Healthy vs Unhealthy.. Both So Yummy!!

Hi there! Today The rainy weather and many chores to do forced me to stay home. Indeed I had to cook my way into this boring day, also because I haven’t done it in a while!!

Chocolate Crush – Stainer 100% Cocoa&Other Beauties

  One of the best (little) things of late was the discovery of a small, marvelous Chocolate&Tea shop in my University’s town. It sells an infinite variety of teas along with luxurious pralines and chocolate tablets. *eyes go heartshape and drooling starts*

Healthy-ish Alcohol Free Drink + Some Thoughts

Howdy!! I know I haven’t been much around but I just don’t get all the fuss around this holidays and I feel like everything I write might be out of theme. I prefer to find the agic in ordinary days, and this must-enjoy-at-all-cost just doesn’t make sense to me! However, here’s something you might want to…

The Engineer’s Cookbook – Spicy Tomato Tuna!!

(shadows in this picture are just great aren’t they? lol sorry guys) Hi there!! I’ve been preparing a couple of exams but I am back now. 🙂 Today I want to share with you an exclusive recipe that my boy (the future engineer!!) gave me. So we will add cooking to his many talents, and…