Livorno is an AWESOME town on the seaside that I have visited for the first time last week, and I think it’s crazy that I went there just then!! It’s so beautiful!

Been Watching – Animes!!

That’s probably something a 20-something shouldn’t confess but…me? Nah. I’m a shameless lad. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve caught me already anyway, here and here 😀  Since last summer I started watching animes and I am IN LOVE with them! It was S. who intoduced me to them..oh, what would I do without…

We’re Going To Paris!!

Yess!! Me and my not-so-little brother are departing on September the 16th, and we’ll spend 3 days in that magical city!

My Favorite Pins!!

Hi there, and happy happy Monday! In the last few weeks I’ve spend some more time than usual on Pinterest, because it doesn’t need much attention or focusing, but it still allows you to see many beautiful and inspiring things! I thought I share with you my favorite pins from some of my Boards..enjoy! 🙂

Chocolate Crush – Stainer 100% Cocoa&Other Beauties

  One of the best (little) things of late was the discovery of a small, marvelous Chocolate&Tea shop in my University’s town. It sells an infinite variety of teas along with luxurious pralines and chocolate tablets. *eyes go heartshape and drooling starts*

I’m back!! Here’s where I’ve been..

Hi there!! I’m back after a few days of hard work followed from couple of full rest days. While everybody around was celebrating Xmas, I took advantage of the holidays to meet family and friends, and slept more than I had done in a whole year!!

Experiments – Soap Bubbles Pictures!!

Few days ago I dragged my brother outside, bribing him with soap bubbles and telling him that he was going to help me with an experiment. That was absolutely true!! I wanted to see if I was able to photograph the bubbles..and came out that I need A LOT more exercise!! 😀

A Very Dear Point To Me – Islam Is NOT Terrorism

I know I know you guys are feelin’ all festive and don’t want to hear about serious topics at the moment. But I promise you this video is really short and the guy is explaining in some really easy words (and with an english accent) why Islàm is not to link with terrorism!!

Happy Things Lately – Walk In The Nature, Enjoying Friendship

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your Sunday! The place you see in the picture is just 10-15 minutes away from my house, and yet I haven’t been there for at least 15 years before last Sunday, when I went for a nice walk with my friend Serena.