My thoughts on the KonMari method! (spoiler alert, I LOVED it!)

During the week before the bad connection one,  I’ve been up to a huge project: tidying my house (or better, my spaces), once and for all. I’ve been immensely helped in this adventure by Marie Kondo’s book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Not only she gave me the input…

Best Of The Week!!

Edited image by Designlovefest Don’t you just LOVE (non working) Saturdays? You get to plan your week, stretch your muscles and spend some more time with your loved ones! Let me show you what I’ve been in love with, this week! 🙂

Best Reads Of The Week and Ccccchanges!!

-Completely unrelated edited photo from We Heart It – Excuse me but I really couldn’t resist to this cute animal lol As you (perhaps) noticed, I changed my blog was kinda exciting, like when you get a fresh hair cut!! I would love to know if you like this one better…so talk to me…

Best Reads – Mixed Skills

Edited picture from Dress Your Tech by DesignLoveFest Oh boy, I am SO sleepy 😀 I spent the day getting the house (and the fridge) ready for the next few days, when the house will be in my father and brother’s hands most of the time since me and mom are both going to work..sigh 😀…

Best Reads – Between Fun and Wisdom!!

Howdy!! I’m just off from work and this is the first working Saturday of December which is always kind of a paranormal experience! So let’s go straight to the point and see what I enjoyed the most to read this week. And please, forgive me if it doesn’t make sense! 😀

Best Reads – Great Deals&Ideas!!

My edit of this WeHeartit image Hello everybody!! I hope you’re all having fun and enjoying the weekend. I am being partIcularly lazy today as it’s the last non-working Saturday I get until Xmas. Let’s see my favorite reads for this week, ladies and gents!

Best Reads – Full Color This Week!!

Hi there! It’s 10pm here and I’m just back from a fun but long working Saturday, where most of clients arrived 15 minutes before closing time. I’m just telling you this so you don’t expect me to write in correct English or whatsoever 😉 Or well, as correct as it always is, you know…