Maison Bio Mini-Haul

Hello there! Now that I am finally working out like I mean it, I needed a good sun screen that won’t emlt away, and sport shower soap that purifies and unclogs pores!  I found that Maison Bio to fit my needs  pretty well!

Marvis Toothpaste is The Best!!

I’ve always considered teeth brushing a chore. If anybody thought that this is a kids thing, I’m the proof that it’s not true. But! With Marvis toothpastes I can finally stop moaning like a 5 years old day and night, when it comes the moment to brush.

Best beauty products of this summer (ever)!!

Hello everyone! Do you know that feeling, when you realize that you randomly bought your perfect, life time favorite beauty product? I hope you do! I’ve had it for the first time when I brought my YSL Rouge Volupté a few years ago, and again at the end of this spring/start of the summer with those two…

Miranda Challenge – First Update

First off, sorry for the picture but that’s all I could put together really..this hot weather is frying me up! So..for those who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is the post where I was talking about my weight loss & healthier living challenge, which I named after Miranda. The one from Sex&The…

Lush Haul-ish

..because a 3 products purchase is not even a mini-haul..right? But I’m so in love with all three of them, that I couldn’t help but share! Let’s start from the unknown: I’m usually more of a bubble bars girl, but when I saw the colors and felt the smell of Phoenix Raising , with the promise…

My Pink Stuff!!

Itadakimatsu by F.Geda / MyBeautyDiary arbutin mask / cherry lip gel patch/ Fuji Instax mini / Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia / Tony Moly Panda’s dream eye patches Anndd..before you know, you realize you haven’t posted anything for few fun I know! 😀 Be patient with me you guys..I hope to be fully back around April 🙂 Lately I realized…

Omnia Indian Garnet – An Iridescent, Silky Fragrance

In the last few weekends I’ve been working in a beauty shop in Siena, to promote all Bulgari’s fragrances, and in particular the very last members of the family: Omnia Indian Garnet (for her) and Man in Black (for him).

Trying The Two Strand Twist – And Loving It!!

Hey peeps!! News of the moment: I started twisting my air to get better, healthier curls in the last few weeks, and I am trying to make it a routine! In the picture, you can see the bunch of products I use to keep my head…hum..decent ;D

A Girl Can Dream – Tom Ford Limited Edition Lip And Nail Box

So. Beautiful. And Oh-So-Bloody-Expensive but the Tom Ford Limited Edition Lip And Nail Box is a joy for the eyes!! 8 shades of lip Colors and 8 shades of nail colors; can’t decide which one is the best but they would for sure be enough for about..FOREVER!! 😀

My Makeup – Not Makeup stuff

You know those really normal days when it wouldn’t make any sense to wear makeup BUT your skin doesn’t agree and you wake up grey-ish and don’t really feel like showing that face to the world?Yeah. I know.

Very First EE Cream by Estée Lauder !!

So last week I went to my favorite beauty shop to get my regular BB and what do I find? That we have one more “alphabetic” cream in the family!! You can see it in the picture with random earrings and my Brosway ring! Estée Lauder launched the very first EE (Even Effect) cream. It’s purpose…

Mani-Pedi Combos!!

Pin by Alyssa Gonzales Somebody would think than if you’re studying and working, plus some other random things, you shouldn’t have time to be concerned about your mani-pedi nail polish combo. But! Turned out that I do have time to even actually research it on the web!!