How I Save Some Money

(I am in Paris right now but it looks loke I finally learned to plan my posts ahead..?) Any financial expert would advice you not to spend money before you earn it. It seems just common sense right? But if you’re working to pay something,call it University or a mutuo or whatever, you know exactly how…

My Favorite Busy Life Lifelines

Exams are gone and for one more month I’m..still busy as hell but not as much as before I guess 😀 This pre-graduation craze is bringing out all my hacks to survive in a decent mood + save some energy. As I might have told you, I’m also doing a stage in a Social Care Foudation,…

Trying The Two Strand Twist – And Loving It!!

Hey peeps!! News of the moment: I started twisting my air to get better, healthier curls in the last few weeks, and I am trying to make it a routine! In the picture, you can see the bunch of products I use to keep my head…hum..decent ;D

New Infusion Crush +A Simple Meditation Method

I really have a thing for infusions. I find it the best way to stay hydrated in the cold months and I love to experiment with new types and pair them with food and good books. This one is Snore&Peace by Clipper Teas and it have chamomlle,lemon balm and lavender and I ADORE it!!

My Makeup – Not Makeup stuff

You know those really normal days when it wouldn’t make any sense to wear makeup BUT your skin doesn’t agree and you wake up grey-ish and don’t really feel like showing that face to the world?Yeah. I know.

Very First EE Cream by Estée Lauder !!

So last week I went to my favorite beauty shop to get my regular BB and what do I find? That we have one more “alphabetic” cream in the family!! You can see it in the picture with random earrings and my Brosway ring! Estée Lauder launched the very first EE (Even Effect) cream. It’s purpose…

Online Shopping – The Healthy Way

Imagine from: We Heart It No modesty here, I’m kind of an authority about online shopping!! And as a woman, I know the huge amount of things that can transform this awesome activty in various kinds of anxiety, and keep us from enjoying it. It usually works like this:

I’m Back & I Bring Pink Brushes!!

Hi peeps!! Long time no see!! This one was long and, honestly, a bit scary but now I’m good and ready for normal life agan (kinda)!! 😀