Maison Bio Mini-Haul


Hello there! Now that I am finally working out like I mean it, I needed a good sun screen that won’t emlt away, and sport shower soap that purifies and unclogs pores!  I found that Maison Bio to fit my needs  pretty well!

This line is made in Italy (to shop local is cool and very ecologic!) and it’s nickel tested and free from parabens . The French-sounding name just demonstrates how much italians can’t show their good things off..but let’s move on on this one!!

Sunscreen: I am as white as MILK right now (yup, even in summer), so I took the high spf one, but this comes in protection 15 and 6 as well. It smells great right when you put it on but the smell goes away by the time you finish to spread it. I put some more on my elbows because they can get extra dry sometimes, and it does its job perfectly!

Body wash: Also smells great, and I found it to do wonders for those red spots I get on my back after sweating. I always stand fiercely against body soaps that work as shampoos as well, because their ingredients are usually either bad for hair or skin, or they make the formula a mix that doesn’t benefit anything. But reading the ingredients of this one I felt confident enough to try and it out, and I liked it!! Maybe I need a bit more conditioner than I’d need with my normal shampoo, but that’s really okay.

I’d love to see your local products and the way you use them.. surprise me!!;))



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