How I Save Some Money


(I am in Paris right now but it looks loke I finally learned to plan my posts ahead..?)
Any financial expert would advice you not to spend money before you earn it. It seems just common sense right? But if you’re working to pay something,call it University or a mutuo or whatever, you know exactly how and where the money you’re earning are already spent, or at least part of it.

Right now, all I hope when I work is that I can do just some more hours so I get to the quote I need. It used to be for Uni, now it’s for the professional register exam + seems never ending!!

But this almost 4 years experience in being broken has taught me something about saving, and I want to share it with you!

Before I buy something, I ask myself: Could I make it myself? The “do I need it! question is more tricky, because you can often, sincerely answer: hell no, but I want it! But if you see that you could make something yourself, you come to realize the true value it would have – and the price is often unappropriate.

Learn to round up what you spend, and round down what you earn; It might look silly, but you see all those 5,99 kinda prices? They want you to think that 5,99 is 5, so you spend more. But if you think it’s 6, you’ll  automatically get to spend less.

Take saving as a game, not as duty. For example. I love chocolate covered pretzels, but those guys cost around 20€/kilo. So did I give up on them, sighing at their view? No! I learned how to make them myself. I also had fun looking for cheap but cute stationery shops for my notebooks and sometimes even handmade them.

There are things you need to invest in, like face cream. And there are stuff that just make you happy, like dinners out,  books or nail polish..just make a found for that! A little place (physical place or bank account doesn’t matter) where to store founds for your little deserve it!

My friend Valeria once told me about a method she read about, that basically consists in putting away a 10% of everything you earn, included small amounts like tips, and forget about them. I still find a bit hard to do that, but when I manage I feel a lot better, because it feels safe to have some affluence that you can count on.

Don’t make debts. Don’t ever-ever make debts if you don’t absolutely have to, and even then think about it a hundred times. Really. Debts are some sneaky bastards, and they can seriously influence your peace of mind other than your finances. So, if you’re making one, be sure it’s the last and only possibility, and that you have a plan to get rid of it as soon as possible!

Did I miss anything?..



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