Been Watching – Animes!!


That’s probably something a 20-something shouldn’t confess but…me? Nah. I’m a shameless lad. If you follow me on Instagram you’ve caught me already anyway, here and here 😀  Since last summer I started watching animes and I am IN LOVE with them! It was S. who intoduced me to them..oh, what would I do without that guy!

And to be honest I think most of them can be better appreciated by adults than kids (but I think the same about Disney movies so don’t mind me), because you catch the deepest meanings and you can see what’s behind the endless fights and the most various superpowers.

Here’s what I love the most about them, and which are my favorites!

  1. They give importance to loyalty, friendship and honor – That’s a pretty Japanese thing right? But it’s nice to see that for a change..and I might still be a bit traumatized from Pretty Little Liars..
  2. The plots are fascinating and surprising – I’ve only watched a few animes so far, but one of the things that hooked me the most was that the plot is on fire all-the-time! You see how in many series and sit com sometimes get in a mainstream routine of events, and you keep thinking “right, now they’re gonna do this and that”. Not with animes, for sure!
  3. Nearly nobody dies – I am one of those people who gets deeply disappointed when a character dies. And I seriously miss them in the episodes to come (silly woman, I know).
  4. There are countless, very variegated characters – It’s so much fun to get to know all of them!!
  5. They have just the right balance between pathos and fun moments, and I often lost a part because I was laughing and had to (rewind?)

So..have I convinced you yet? If I had, I suggest you start by watching either Fairy Tail (my very very favorite one), Bleach or One Piece.

Let me know if I’ve hacked ya! 😉



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