We’re Going To Paris!!


Yess!! Me and my not-so-little brother are departing on September the 16th, and we’ll spend 3 days in that magical city!

This trip is my family and my present for his graduation from high school, and I couldn’t be happier to live this experience with him!

As a special needs guy, he wouldn’t have gone with his classmates, because he doesn’t quite enjoy “the night life” and he likes to go to instructive places and take his time to understand things. Me and him are good friends, and I’m sure it will be an awesome experience for both of us!

Since 3 days aren’t that many, we will try to make the most out of them! I ahave created a Pinterest Board where I’m gathering ideas. The only things we’re sure about at the moment is that we’re going to spend the second day to Versaille, and that we’ll eat a lot..

Do you have any suggestion? We were wondering if we should venture on top of the Eiffel Tower or not..should we??




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  1. ecaroline23 says:

    Hot chocolate at Café Angelina. For a truly great dinner and atmosphere, go to Au Port du Salut near the Sorbonne. It turns into a jazz bar later on weekends and it’s fantastic! Hope you have an amazing time!!! Just walk around and don’t spend too much time near the Eiffel Tower, try and experience the real Paris!


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    1. Jojo says:

      Oh,hot chocolate..yes please *.* And yes, I am a fan of casual exploring too! Last time I’ve been there I didn’t write down my favourite places so I guess we’ll have to find them all over again hehe..
      Thank you very much for the advices and for coming around lovely,we’ll let you know! 😉


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