Mindfulness in a capsule wardrobe


Picture taken with Paper Camera App

So my dears, in the last few months I’ve embarked the capsule wardrobe adventure and been loving it!

I’m not going to lie..it had it’s hard parts. Getting rid of like..70% of my old stuff was one! I really link memories with clothes so much, so I had to make a “memories” box and keep it aside.

I donated aprox 10 full bags of clothes to charity. The entire process took me 3 or 4 “sessions”..I had to get rid of some stuff at a time!

Other than that, the capsule wardrobe philosophy is nothing but amazing! 37 pieces of clothing per season means you never have to swim in you cr*p to find something to wear again.

Shopping a few pieces seasonally means that you invest in good quality clothes, instead of wasting founds on cheap and less durable ones. (see more about all of this on Unfancy, she was the one who convinced me to start!)

The whole thing also means that you need to come to terms with how you dress. Were you buying clothes for who you are, or for who you wanted to be?

I had a super cute mint sweater that I bought “for when I slim down”, but even now I tried it on and didn’t like how it was looking. Donated.

The point is, a more conscious way of dressing up is a big step on our way for mindfulness, in my opinion, because it tells us to be who we are today! I am a stiletto girl..always been. But I’ve been studying and walking like crazy in the last few months and I feel like wearing flats now. Why should that be a problem?

I really love Victoria Beckam’s style..but I’m 10 cm higher, a lot curvier, super fair skin and curly hair. I just can’t expect to be dressing like her and look the same. And that’s okay! It’s my own adventure to discover who I am, and therefore how I want to dress.

Would you like to know more about my capsule wardrobe organization? Have you ever tried it?



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