Marvis Toothpaste is The Best!!


I’ve always considered teeth brushing a chore. If anybody thought that this is a kids thing, I’m the proof that it’s not true. But! With Marvis toothpastes I can finally stop moaning like a 5 years old day and night, when it comes the moment to brush.

The thing is, they don’t have that overly minty, chemical taste. They actually leave a nice aftertaste in your mouth, and that’s great!

Plus, these babies are made in Italy so let me be a little patriotic once in a while 😉 Not to mention they look, and feel, so classy! Hehehe..

There are 7 tastes, beautifully illustrated in Marvis’s website introbut these in the picture are my faves! Cinnamon mint and Ginger mint! If you buy one thing today, let it be one of them!They are that good!

I don’t want to write an essay about toothpaste, but I really suggest you give it a shot! Thank me later.

Also don’t forget to pop here to write a line for me..I’d really appreciate if you do!



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