The easiest of the fruit puddings!


When I found this recipe, I felt truly truly happy. Why? Because once you get the hack, you can use any juice OR you can have fruit cooking with water and some honey and herbs and get a liquid out of it by blending and would still work. See the possibilities?

Another thing I love about it is that it doesn’t contain gelatin. I hate to tell you that, but common gelatin is made from boiled bones and teeth of pigs. Gross much!!??

The consistence is a bit different from mainstream puddings, but it still melts in your mouth, letting the taste hug the hell out of it. It’s also refreshing, and easy-peasy.

For 8 servings, all you”ll need is:

  • 1 lt of fruit juice (or every fruit you can transform into a liquid by whisking
  • 70 gr cornstarch
  • 50 gr sugar or honey (or less, depending on the sweetness of the juice)
  • sunflower seeds oil (for the mold)
  • fresh fruit or any decoration you’d like to use

Sift  the sugar and the cornstarch in a saucepan that will be able to contain all the juice as well. Add the juice very slowly, paying attention not to have lumps. Put it on low fire, mixing until it starts to boil. At this point you might want to taste and see if you want more sugar in it). After few minutes of boiling, the mixture will start to thicken up; leave it for 3-4 more minutes and then take it off.

Put some oil on a piece of paper and rub it on the mold. Put the mixture in and let it cool down, then keep in the fridge for at least 12 hours.

NOW: Something could go wrong, but you know what’s the worst that can happen? That it doesn’t keep the shape!( Like mine, bacause if you do something a million time it will go wrong that one time you have to take a picture but aaanywayy). The good news are that you can shove it in glasses and decorate it as it was meant to be that way, and don’t tell anyone 😉

I made this one with pineapple juice and it’s decorated with plain shredded coconut. With pinapple being so sweet already, I just put a tablespoon of honey in it.

You can go crazy with decorations or just exterminate it right like it is..your choice!



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