I tell you, you tell me – a post opened to you guys!!


Opsy..changed theme again 😉 This, and the fact that September is starting and Fall is coming make me overly overly dreamy.

This period is weird. One moment I’m hyper and the other one I’m sitting on my bed eating M&M’s, my mind completely blank, thinking “why so lazy!!??”
I am working on so many things, and  others are still inside my head, like a project to bring my research on Kindness to the next level. Since it was my graduation project, I might as well get something out of it.

I’d also like to be a bit more thoughtless and true to myself, because I gave up a lot of what I used to be, to keep up with Uni and work together, and now I have to find it again so I can live a life..well…like me. I thought it was just going to happen automatically at the end of the Uni..that was naive!

Wheew..so heavy stuff…but tell me about you!! This, as the title says, is an open post!!

What are you guys expecting from this Fall and, dare I ask,  from life in general?

And from me? I really want to make y’all  happy right here! Tell me anything, I care about you!! 🙂



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