My thoughts on the KonMari method! (spoiler alert, I LOVED it!)


During the week before the bad connection one,  I’ve been up to a huge project: tidying my house (or better, my spaces), once and for all. I’ve been immensely helped in this adventure by Marie Kondo’s book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

Not only she gave me the input to start immediately, but had me realizing that, just like people, there is a limited quantity of objects that we can actually love. And if there’s no space for something in our house, we are not going to be able to love it properly, and therefore that won’t give us the energy we need, and we won’t get the benefit we wanted from it.

Rather than making us feel guilty for our compulsive shopping though, Marie explains that every object we own and have owned has had a precise meaning for us, and for that we should be grateful to it.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you now, but I really really felt like this method really had me tidying in a mindful way, that will keep me from falling in so called  “dat mess” again.

Other than the thoughts about the shinto, that I do not share (but neither I want to criticize), I found this book and this lady really fascinating, and I deeply recommend you to give it a try! 🙂

I’m just IN-LOVE with my closet right now, and it took only one day!! and I can actually see all of my books now, as nothing is hidden on the back of the shelves!

It was stressing at some point. But also marvellous. Like I was putting the aesthetical part of my life together! While picking out clothes, books and each and every possession of mine, I realized a lot about what I couldn’t let go in the past, and why.

I remembered so many things that I don’t want to lie in the dust.

In some old notebooks, I found written proofs of a life that I lived myself, and not because it was written in those diaries!!

..when I used to write “k” instead of “c” for every word..

..that time I asked “do you still love me like before?” and the answer was “I love you more”..

..when I learned that a person wasn’t right for me. And most importantly, when I understood that I wasn’t right for a person..

The meaning of all this doesn’t lie in a notebook, like the flattering feeling of being appreciated doesn’t lie in an outfit that doesn’t fit anymore, or the thirst of knowledge doesn’t depend on a book that you couldn’t get yourself  to finish.

All these things are nothing but a shell, that we use to take care of our memories. But what I understood is that we must be the shell. Those things happened so we could be our better, stronger self. And we need to dusty objects and tiny clothes for that.

Thoughts? Questions? I’m all ears!

Ps: Since I’ve been skipping many posts, I will make some more until the end of the week and then go back on the regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday thing 🙂



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