Mah new love – Polar Bear Collar Pins



Oi!! I know ladies, I disappeared again. Sigh. This time was basically a combination of bad WiFi and laziness over the top of the world.

Like, you know when you already don’t feel like doing anything, and you have to refresh 15 times because the Internet goes off? No fricking way.

But I’m here now, and totay I’m going to tell you about my last, beloved, Etsy purchase!

I wear a lot of shirts and chemises, even in the summer because I like staying nice and covered, plus I feel like I get less bloody hot if the sun doesn’t hit directly on my skin. That might sound like a pain to you tank addicts, but accessory-for-shirts kind of shopping is nothing but fun, trust me!

Long story short, I recently got into collar brooches, and purchased my first pair at Bendita Indomina’s shop on Etsy. And let me tell you..they are so.good!!

Very light, precisely made and basically just too cute to handle! These two little bears have such a modern, crisp look that you can pair them with COUNTLESS outfits!

In the picture you can see my favorite item to put them on, and that awesome blue is from a skirt that will have to wait the autumn to complete the look..

I think I just entered the tunnel you’ll have to “bear” with me! Omg that was so lame I can’t even..

AnyHOW..if you have collar brooches advices let them RAIN in the comments please! Have a great week!



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