New Look Quail Pink Two Part Heeled Shoes on Asos


I recently bought these shoes on Asos, but it took me a while to wear them as they were looking somehow “pinker” than I figured them from the picture on the website.

But! On Monday I wore them with simple dark grey pants and a white blouse, and they did brighten up the whole outfit!

! I was looking for something a bit different, that you couldn’t find a million copies in a Pinterest browsing moment, and they are!  They can be my minimal pieces of clothing’s best friends, as I don’t like to be TOO minimal anyway 😉

Like them? I expected my friend to say they look too vintage but they didn’t so shhhhh… 😉




2 Comments Add yours

  1. stephbanks810 says:

    those shoes are super cute! I love the colour of them!
    Eco fashion and beauty


    1. Jojo says:

      Aw thank you!!:) they should still be available,follow the link if you want them! 😉


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