Four little crucial daily battles



1) Nice Coffee taste VS The Necessity of Brushing Your Teeth in The Morning:

Yup. You’d wish to enjoy the taste of your freshly brewed coffee but you need to hurry right up. So unfair!!

  • solution:  As we all agree,teeth brushing is too important to be neglected. What you can do is to organize your morning activities so that you can,for example,make the beds before getting to the sink and brushing + do the whole make up thing. This way the coffee taste will eventually fade by itself (and you’ll find some chores done when you’re back,which feels great).

2) Super Early Breakfast VS Mad Hunger around 10:
I don’t know about you,but if I happen to have breakfast at 6am, as nutritional as it can be, around 10 I’m ready for another one,and snacks don’t quite feel enough.

  • solution: I’ve been spotted with a second breakfast cappuccino+cake more times than I’d like to admit. But I soon realized that it was making me chubby in a record-fast way! So what I did was simply replacing the cappuccino with a fruit and veggies smoothie,and the cake with a nuts and seeds bar. I also tried to have them while I wasn’t still crazy hungry..because hunger makes us girls some kind of ferocious people,let’s be honest on this one.

3) Far Away Deadlines VS Free Time Right Now:

Every time. That thing we had 3 months to do is suddenly TOMORROW, and we didn’t prepare for it. But we did spend some days (a lot) watching our favorite TV show,because “we had a lot of time to do it”.

  • solution: The only way,my friends,I know you don’t like it but the only way is to kick yourself in the arse. Find an empty place and yell to yourself that you must start doing it NOW. Because if you just write down a schedule to start “tomorrow”..there are chances that’s not going to work. After the first few times,it does get less hard (I guess). Also, allow a little mess in your life si you don’t feel too uptight!

4) Bed Face VS Being Socially Presentable :

Oh, that feeling of a numb face, when you slept a lot and you wanna keep doing so! But most morning you have to get right up and splash some cold water on that. Sigh.

  • solution: First let me tell you: sleeping late wouldn’t be as special if you did it every day. Secondly, I feel like the hours you sleep before midnight count two times more. If you do most of your chores in the morning, and make sure youthink about dinner in advance, you can manage to sleep around 21.30 – 22:00 some nights, and trust me..that feels so good!

Y’all feel me right? 😉



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