Univerity’s bests and worsts

uni2 After the exam for the professional register, I don’t think I’ll be going to University for quite a long time. I am the kind that goes much better with practice than theory,plus I don’t think I can stand 2 more years of work+study..unless I get a scholarship somewhere abroad..then I wouldn’t mind a master..but anyway!! I had to fight to start this path, because I didn’t have money, and University was whole wide world of which I could only understand an infinitesimal part. But now I’m at the end, and I thought it would be nice to list the best and worst things I experienced about it. Who knows, maybe it could be usuefull to someone else as well! 🙂 WHAT I LOVED ABOUT UNI: 1) The feeling that I was feeding my passion and pursuing my dream. Every hours of study and work was, and will be, for that. I think if you don’t have such a motivation, Uni can be an endless waste of time. 2) The long studying hours, when your brain is actually into it, and you go through your book, chapter by chapter, and get home all glad. 3) To keep between my hands a piece of paper that got thinner, because I wrote so much on both sides, knowing that that work is DONE. 4) Great Professors that can share their passion for a subject, mix it with yours, create a connection (Gianni Silei, I’m talking with you). 5) To study with friends, buying them coffee, knowing that they’re going through your same stuff, and that you can ask each other’s help. 6) When a Professor gives you a book to read that confirms your forever theories, and makes you so gleeful that you never abandoned them! 7) To challenge the snow and the rain to get to your exams, andto get back home with a good mark, feeling like a hero. 8) The feeling of University being a familiar place, feel cozy in it and actually like to spend time inside it. WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE ABOUT UNI. 1) The anxiety I sometimes got before exams. Intense working and studying periods always came together, and I studied quite in a rush for some exams, so of course I was nervous. 2) Some professor who teach for money and to keep their position, and all they can give is coldness and a sense of uselessness to all they do.. I didn’t find many, but there were some. 3) Burocracy, offices, and all that stuff that’s supposed to improve student’s life but actually does the opposite. I once looked up something in three websites and got three different results for the same matter. Delightful.. 4) Being constantly out of money.  Like, getting payed and instantly transfer the money to the Uni found. As you can see, the things I didn’t like are not as much, and the last two are more an italian problem than one of University in particular (I guess). So yeah. I’m glad I did this, and I’d do it again. I spent some truly awesome years! Do share your experience if you want! I’m all ears! Ciao! Giulia

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