A Lighter Spirit



One of my major characteristic, and flaw and perk at the same time, is that I infinitely tend to the improvement. Since I was a kid, I’ve had really clear what were the things about me that I liked, and those that I wanted to change. This vision matured in the time of course, but I’ve always felt the need to become better, stronger, happier.

It is a flaw because, in static periods of my life, I’ve been feeling uncomfortable, like I wasn’t going anywhere. But (I know this in theory but still struggle to apply it in real), life is also made of moments when you are your most imperfect self, and you are still loved, you still exist, something is still happening even if you don’t feel it yet.

It is a perk because it brought me to stubbornly overcome the dark moments, seeking the feeling of the “unlocked level” of the game, when you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that you made it, without looking away.
It also makes me really confident that I will achieve my goals as long as they stay important to me, because I look forward to the moment when I will feel accomplished enough to start a new, completely different adventure. Or maybe I will just like it where I am.

I am writing this because I hope to reach someone who is like me, but didn’t come to terms with it yet. To those people, I just want to say that I understand. But making the present as exciting as we feel the future is, that’s the ultimate adventure, and it feels.so.great! šŸ™‚ I just hope I can leave you with a lighter spirit.

– After all this mindfulness, if everybody’s still awake, I’d like you to stop for a second anc check out my new succulents. Like. Aren’t they just too cute? Or it’s just me with an overflowing maternal instinct that surpassed the human&animal world and landed in the plant’s word as well? Beware your answers šŸ˜‰



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  1. Sounds like you’re describing me here :-S I am like that too and I agree, it’s both a good and bad thing. I just can’t seem to just be content with the current status of things, ya know… I always want more. Better. Different.


    1. Jojo says:

      I feel you girl! I’ll be writing a new post about a couple of things that really helped me..I hope you’ll enjoy reading it šŸ™‚ At least this characteristic connected us two, and talking about it might connect us with many similar people and make it feel ..yeah..lighter! Remind yourself all that you achieved, and stay happy šŸ™‚


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