Lush Haul-ish



..because a 3 products purchase is not even a mini-haul..right? But I’m so in love with all three of them, that I couldn’t help but share!

Let’s start from the unknown: I’m usually more of a bubble bars girl, but when I saw the colors and felt the smell of Phoenix Raising , with the promise of a frizzy bath to beat the heat, I was sold! I didn’t try this spicy apple and cinnamon scented beauty yet, but I’ll let you know!

Then, one of my last discoveries and hair-saver: Braziliant! Made for curly hair, this shampoo bar features strenghtening ingredient for my poor, thin curls, and it smells just like a sunny summer day.

Aaanndd I left the best for the end!! Let the Good Times Roll is a soft face cleanser, therefore it can be used daily. But! Thanks to the cornmeal and cinnamon powder it works as a very light scrub as well. If you have a fair skin, and you stay like this in the summer as well, this thing is gold! Last but not least, it smells so good! Like grandma’s cakes, cinnamon, like cuddles..I don’t know..I just love it so much!


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