Let’s be laaaazy..!!


The title of this could have been so classy and humble, like “Let yourself rest” or something..but I  really did make a purpose of being lazy, so I thought I stay true to myself hehe..


Since I just graduated, I decided (kidding, I was forced to) take a couple of weeks off. And it looks like I needed it so bad, because my body constantly demands to sleep, eat and almost nothing else.

So I thought I get the most out of it, taking it very very easy. Yes, I am seeing my friends. I am barely cleaning the house. But I’m mostly living on my bed, and let me tell you, it feels great!!

The though of being a busy bee again did hit my mind, but I’m an adult now, and I can’t ignore my body and mind when when they beg me me to slow down. Let me tell you what are my favorite daily life lazy stuff:

– Watch anime on my bed, with alcohol free beer and eating cup noodles..aahh..

– Reading a good book, in a room with just enough light for you to see and a big, big glass of fresh homemade lemonade next to you

– Get a colouring book and  enjoy it in the fresh evening air (I love this one)

– I spent hours in bed, with S. on Skipe. He was playing PS and I was reading, and we were randomly chatting and commenting stuff. Heaven!!

– I’ve been told to try and practice the most effortless yoga asanas righ after the sun sets..I’ve been too lazy for that as well, but I promise I’ll give it a shot 😉

– Have a fresh, fragrant bath. You can use essential oils, lavander, or some of the amazing Lush bath bombs!

– Make a cake, give it just the time to bbe cool enough and eat it (let it be a small one, or at least share hehe..)

– Sleep, sleep, sleeeeep..if you’re taking a break, to sleep enough (and some more) it’s crucial to get your vitality back.

Indeed this is a lifestyle that wouldn’t be healthy at all for more than couple of weeks, but once a year more or less, I feel that’s crazy important!!

What do you do when you want to be lazy at all costs? I still have  a week and a half..inspire me!! ;))



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