Big coming out – I’m a social assistant!! (Yup, I graduated)



Yup, I did !! I am now a doctor in Science of social service…and even if I don’t feel “doctorly” at all, this is one big step done! Now, the last big exam in November to be able to subscribe to the professional register, and I’ll officially be a social assistant!!

You haven’t heard about me lately, but I have done some very interesting research for my graduation project, made a lot of healthy food and experimented new healthy lifestyles for the Miranda Challenge. I will be telling about all of this in the next few posts (for real this time), so stay tuned!

I also concluded that I have no hope to keep up posting everyday, so it’s going to be at least 3 times a week (on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday)..and if I have something to say in the other days, even right? 🙂

So glad to be here again..I missed this!!



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