Taking a break..



You did realize that uhu? duh 😉

The thing is, after I finished my exams I thought I have a bunch of time before the graduation…and now

I have to hand out the project before June the 22th and I am fricking in a hurry again.

Before I could realize, I passed from relaxing reading and note taking to the familiar need of more coffee and TIME. Seriously. Where does the time always go?

I’m sorry for saying that I was going to be back and then disappearing again. I’m afraid I can’t really blog properly before July!

I don’t know if I will be able to randomly post, but in that case I will for sure! 🙂

Might sneak something interesting though, so stay tuned and be sure I’ll be back asap! 🙂

In the picture above you can see what my life is right now..instant miso soup,laptop and bunch of books lol




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