The Miranda Challenge!!


Sex and The City, Season 6, episode 7. Miranda finds out that she can fit in her skinny jeans again after a very long time. Each time that I’ve seen that episode (a thousands, more or less) I’ve smiled, seraphic. I did fit in each and every one of my pairs. But opsy. Life happened and now my favorite denim just won’t fit.

It’s okay though, I’ve never been too concerned about physical appearence..but since health is involved too, I’ve made it a personal challenge to go back in shape, and if you write it you have to do it right? So here I am! 😉

I do not wear bikinis, so it’s really not about the imminent bikini body thing. But I find it really important to be healthy, and I also go around telling people to eat healthy and exercise sooooo 😀

No more babbling then, here it starts what I’ll call the Miranda Challenge! It won’t be a diet, but just getting back into a regular exercise routine and making treats be special moments, not an everyday thing. Plus, I’ll have some fun trying some new recipes!

I am going to share some hearty stuff with you, and if anybody wants to join me in this adventure I’d SO love to!

Ps: here’s my Stay Healthy! Pinterest board..let’s share inspiration! 😉

Have a great day you all!



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