Let’s Plan..Together!



Planner by ABM|Stickers by ppappappiyo|postit by TigerShop|Masking stickers by Banggood.com

Hey there, I’m well and alive and I hopefully got all the urgent things done so…let me tell you about my blogging plans! And of course any suggestion is more than welcome!

Other than the usual beauty and random bits, I would like to make some additions:

1. Talk about the books I’m reading for my graduation project: It’s all about kindness and I think you might find it really interesting as it involves making contact with people and opening to new things.

2. Giveaways! I can’t wait to start those, I just feel it puts a lot of great energy around, with all the sharing and stuff, plus getting the contact between the blogger and the readers to a higher level.

3. Yesterday a client of mine was telling me how bad it is that, doing everything on the internet, we lost the pleasure of being clients and the warmth that shopping used to have. That’s why I’ll try to feature my favorite shops and restaurants (and it will hopefull be usefull to those who want to travel in Tuscany as well!) 🙂

4. I think I need to adjust the blogging frequency, and I need your help with this one; how many times a weelk you feel it’s right? More on work days or weekends? Let me know! 🙂




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