My Favorite Pins!!



Hi there, and happy happy Monday!

In the last few weeks I’ve spend some more time than usual on Pinterest, because it doesn’t need much attention or focusing, but it still allows you to see many beautiful and inspiring things!

I thought I share with you my favorite pins from some of my Boards..enjoy! 🙂

Coco Sleeping by Oh Joy Blog – in My Lil Happy Stuff (I mean, just check that cutie face out!!*.*)

Matcha Green Tea Macarons by Oh Sweet Day  – in ✿Macarons!!✿

How To Clean Old Candle Jars by – in Oh My DIY!

Tiny Frog on Heliconia from Flickr – in Frogz (yup, I love frogs..^.^)

(Gorgeous) Pink Kitchen from Mod Vintage – in Le Pink

“Okay,but First Coffee” sweatshirt by Brandy Melville – in Wishlist 2015 (hum..that’s still empty..must do something about it!;D)

Are you on Pinterest?I’d be glad to follow you!:)



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