My Pink Stuff!!


Itadakimatsu by F.Geda / MyBeautyDiary arbutin mask / cherry lip gel patch/ Fuji Instax mini / Flora by Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia / Tony Moly Panda’s dream eye patches

Anndd..before you know, you realize you haven’t posted anything for few fun I know! 😀 Be patient with me you guys..I hope to be fully back around April 🙂

Lately I realized that I have many beloved pink stuff, and like a little girl I want to show them off to you 😉

I’ve got all the beauty products from Yes Style , an AMAZING website where you can find the best of asian beauty, clothing and stationery!! When I found out about it I was all *heavy breathing* and stuff and I had to try something!!

I must say, the face mask is a bit aggressive for me, but my skin really is sensitive so it would probably work wonders for most of you. I did see the benefits of the arbutin though, and my skin glows for a full week after using the mask! I am switching it with my regular oatmeal one, and it’s perfect.

I didn’t try the eye patches yet, and will let you know. The lip patches are really satisfying to apply with their soft,gummy consistance and they work if your lips are not extremely chapped. It is at least a nice excuse to lie down by yourslef for a few minutes. A cuddle!!

The book wasn’t translated in English yet, but if you know Italian I strongly recommend it! It makes you feel like you’ve been in Japan too! It’s really filled with beauty and love for a place that’s often in our imaginary for some reason and it convinced me that I’ll have to drag the Boyfriend in there 😉

Last but not least, Flora by Gucci! My wonderful colleagues from the beauty shop gave it to me a few weeks ago, and I was doubtful because the classic Flora just didn’t speak to me in any way.. but oh, was this one different! I will write a post for it soon, but for now I will just tell you that its creamy freshness it’s worth a try!

Okay, this is it for today. The stage and my big fat contemporary history exams are really taking a lot of time, and I’m still trying to find a way to blog more regularly, but my hopes are high! 😉

Have the best Sunday y’all!



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