My Favorite Busy Life Lifelines


Exams are gone and for one more month I’m..still busy as hell but not as much as before I guess 😀 This pre-graduation craze is bringing out all my hacks to survive in a decent mood + save some energy. As I might have told you, I’m also doing a stage in a Social Care Foudation, and I still have to keeè my part of the house neat-ish and, well…sleep 😀 So my free time..almost doesn’t exist!!

Here are  a couple of hacks that kept me (almost) sane in the last month.

The hella-busy-person manicure: The worst thing you can do when you’re busy is to let yorself go. That way, you have one more thing to worry about, and your self esteem is never as it should be. The easiest thing to do it doing your manicure regularly and properly, but when you’re really short on time you feel very guilty spending half an hours for that, right? So what I learned to do is, before I start something on the laptop, I take 10-15 minutes to do the scrub&cuticles thing and put a fast absorbing cream (I love this one). Then I put the first layer of polish and start writing, as laptop jobs are the only ones you can use just your fingertips for. Then go with the other layers and before you know, your manicure is done! If I want to do some decoration I make another short break, so I also rest my eyes!

Done is done: Do you ever get back home at night , see your house messed up, and feel like the day is gonna start all over again? I guess so 😀 Over the years I learned that fighting the sleepiness and make the bed / wipe the kitchen in the morning has a great psychological effect when you get home! If you find your house clean, you will feel allowed to finally rest.

All of that been said, I firmly believe it’s always better to take half a day or (dare I say) one full day to actually stay in bed and put your nail polish on with calm..agree?;)



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