Best Reads – Winter &Happy Things


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heeeyyyy …look who’s (trying to be) back..!!

Just like I haven’t dissapeeared for almost a month, let’s go and see what are my faorite reads for this week!

My Winter Skin Savior by Louise Roe – I’m going to use it to detox from all the antobiotics I’ve been taking too..and it’s delicious!!

DIY Gilded Marble Exagon Serving Boards by Sugar&Cloth – Luxurious-looking and very very easy..what more do you want from a DIY?

7 Natural Ways to Prevent a Cold by Hello Natural – I CAN NOT get sick again. really..!! And those hacks are happy pills too 🙂

5 Tips for Improving Your Mental Strenght by Michelle Phan – We are the only ones who can really change our lives; this artice sure is a hint to make it better.

See you people, stay tuned!:)



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