My Safety Net for Hard Studying Sessions!!


Hey there guys! Erm…I kinda…KNOW I disappeared again..but hem…I have exams!

Just to let you understand my condition, I’ll have you know that I had pizza for lunch and now it’s 18:17 and I’m having instant noodles. Plus, all the ordinary things like my friend psychologically bullying me because they haven’t seen me in ages and stuff.


Anyway, check out what have been keeping me (kinda) sane this days -and it will hopefully work until I finish even though I’m lolololosing my mind-.

1) THE BOYFRIEND!! He is good at any time and for any reason but I can never stop appreciating the calming effect he has on me, his capacity to stop my paranoia and the soothing effect of laughing with him about silly stuff! He’s just the best, to me πŸ™‚

2)Ritter Sport Mini Collection: if you were expecting a healthy recipe to help sweet-tooths going through stressing periods..not this time, I’m sorry πŸ˜€ But this stuff is so good and so good looking, I loved the variety of it and well..there are just 6 in the box, so you it’s not that big of an indulge! If you don’t do like me..I bought two boxes..hehehe..

3) Stabilo Neon Highlighters: In my psycho “memorize ALL the thigs!” moments those guy help me find the main points and keep the pages happy looking, even when there is a bunch of viciously complicated things written on them!!

4) Whittington Teas and Helbal Infusions: There is a shop in my town that sells singe bags of them, so that you can try before you buy as a box costs around 10€ (eeekk!!). So I’ve been going crazy and tried a lot of them, to stay joyful and hidrated while studying..amd I think I’ll keep doing that! I guess the kinds are enough to bring me to teh end to the exams session…so that’s good enough for me.

Alright, I’m starting to get “panicky panicky” again as I say to S. sometimes, so I will go back to my books. I CAN’T promise I won’t disappear again but I will do my best not to πŸ™‚



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