Black Liquorice Tea + A Little Hack to Enjoy It More


Hey guys!! I apologize for the lack of posts but I’m in full exams + stage craze and I barely see myself in the mirror at night!

So,following the advice of the super cute Essie Button here, I decided to give a try to Black Liquorice Tea..and it’s pretty nice!!

Plus, I found this liquorice sticks that my mom used to buy us when we were kids to distract us from candies 😀 They look like thin pieces of wood but if you start chewing (slowly! we don’t want any broken teeth!) you’ll start to feel the taste of liquorice…and before you know you can’t stop chewing anymore!!

I also found it a stress soother and you know what’s fantastic? If you chew the little stick first and THEN you drink the tea!! The taste results enhanced and it’s just perfect!! I also read  black te is packed with anti-oxidant so let’s gooooww..!!





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