Spring Makeup 2015 – They Rock This Year!!


First, a lil’ confession. Today, right in the middle of my study session, I gave up everything to browse the new makeup collections for Spring 2015! Yup. And I’m not ashamed because this year some of my favorite brands are ROCKING!!

It was hard to pick only 4 things!!!!

  1. I already told you about the new Garden Escape Collection from Clarins and the GORGEOUS 6 colours palette that comes with it. The colors give you the idea of freshness, vitality and young elegance..with the quality of Clarins, which is a blessing for me and my fellow sensitive skinned  girls 😉
  2. Guerlain never stops amazing me. This Spring we have Les Tendres, a collection that I would call soft, full of pastels and pinks! My favorite piece is Météorites Perles de blush!! I almost can’t live with my Météorites powder, and the fact that they made a blush with the same principles is just too much to handle **.** Another thing I’m crazy curious about is their Météorites baby glow, as they say is like fluid météorites?? really??
  3. Now, the Collection Reverie Parisienne, by Chanel. Vibrant and silky..just like blooms!! Rouge Allure Velvet La Romanesque is the kind of color that makes you feel a babe in any occasion!! But I’m also temped by Badine ..a very girly pink that’s made to become a staple in every dreamy girl’s style!
  4. Last but not least! Yves Saint Laurent!! Oh Yves.. *.* lol Just as sparkly as I like. Not your typical Spring Collection though but sure! I can think of so many ways I could use this laquer, La Nuit Blanche!!

Okay, I kinda cheated..that was more than 4 things 😉 Let’s go crazy then! Marc Jacobs has incredible lippies (thanks to Musing of a Muse for telling us!!)!! And have a look of Paul&Joe‘s too 😉

Spring Collections are always my favorites! Maybe because I like having a light makeup without getting too mainstream?

What do you think girlies?What are your wishes for this Spring, makeup and not makeup wise? 🙂



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