Best Reads Of The Week and Ccccchanges!!

best reads 17.01.15

-Completely unrelated edited photo from We Heart It – Excuse me but I really couldn’t resist to this cute animal lol

As you (perhaps) noticed, I changed my blog was kinda exciting, like when you get a fresh hair cut!! I would love to know if you like this one better…so talk to me people 😉

That said, let’s see what were my best reads this week! Ohh it’s been I long time since I last did that hm?? 😀

  1. How To Clean And Care About Your Leather Boots In Winter by A Beautiful Mess: I’ve lost SO many beloved leather boots for over use!! I became a lot more carefull with the years but this is still a really great and super usefull guide!!
  2. 10 Clever Hacks To Save Your Sweater by Hello Natural: On the same idea of the first point..because we’re all overly sttached to our sweaters, let’s not lie to ourselves 😉
  3. Clarins Garden Escape Collection For 2015 by The Sunday Girl: I have never see such a pretty palette in my lfe **.** and the best thing is, there are no very dark colors (which I don’t use) so it must be mine!! Thank you Sunday Girl..^.^
  4. 10 Ways To Save $1K This Year by Refinery 29: Because why not 😉

I hope I will be back doing this every week 🙂 Have a nice day you all!! 🙂



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