DIY Super Easy Hand-Warmers!!


Howdy!! Are you in the mood for a very fast and satisfying DIY? A very versatile one perhaps?

Ready!! Those you see in the picture are small hand-warmers made of felt (but wool is fine too), wire aaaaanndd..rice! yup, rice 🙂

All you have to do is to cut the fabric in two identical parts  -you can fold it and cut it together so you make sure they match- . You can pick any shape, just let it be round so it’s easier to sew..hearts and circles are the best!!

At this point,sew the two pieces together and when you’re almost done, suff the little sack with rice and complete the seam.

I like the stitching to be visible, but if you don’t you can just reverse the fabric.

Now. Before you go out in a nasty-cold morning, put the hand-warmers in the microwave for one minute; the rice will heat up and stay warm for a very long time..hopefully enough for you to get to your destination!

You can really play with colors, fabrics and a bit with dimensions too!! I will show you more kinds right after I finish the blanket for S. 🙂

I make a new pair for my mom every year, and now my brother wanted them too!! They’re really cute and, since the fabric is warm, they help a bit with cold even if not heate..

Show me picture if you make this little things okay? I’m curiousssss 😀



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