New Crushes – The Best Of Ear Jackets



Yes. I have a new crush. I just can’t help it, there are so many cute thngs around!!

This time it’s ear jackets! I’ve loved them since I first saw the orignal Dior’s ones, but for some reason I am finding a lot of different kinds around lately, wth different designs and with the most different prices. Here are my favorites!

  1. With Druzy Studs by Lane Lynn Vintage.
  2. With Perwinkle Flowers and “Dior-like” by Candyfoxx.
  3. “Deco Fan” by Jaquie Aiche. Darn pricey. I’m saying this so nobody collapse when opening the link 😉
  4. With Dark Rhinestones and A Pearl by DANNIAnJO. My VERY favorites **.**

Any new crush you guys? I can’t be the only one here..;D



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