New Forms Of Luxury – Dry Socks!!


In the last few days I’ve found myself thinking a lot about those we call “small things”. You know? Thery’re so many and lots of people deeply discuss about them..but this is a very specific one!!

On a Thursday evening I was running to get the bus; it was raining and I was soaked. It was sunny in the morning so I wore my Converse, confident that my feet wouldn’t need any extra protection to stay dry. I did bring an umbrella but the wind made it almost useless!!

Anyway, when I sat on the bus, I could only think about one thing: if I was offered all the money in the world by some stranger in that very moment, my feet would have still been frozen and the humidity I felt sinking in my bones wouldn’t have left. So I sent a text to S. , saying : “Dry socks are one of the most undervalued, major luxuries”. And I think that, I really do 😀

Am I a simpleton? lol

Ciao !!


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  1. Rose says:

    I totally feel you and this post because I really hate wet/sticky feet! It’s a weird pet peeve but it’s seriously the worst! haha x


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