I’m back!! Here’s where I’ve been..

Hi there!! I’m back after a few days of hard work followed from couple of full rest days. While everybody around was celebrating Xmas, I took advantage of the holidays to meet family and friends, and slept more than I had done in a whole year!!

I’m excited about the new year that’s coming, and extremely satisfied of the one that’s finishing, especially the last part!

Before I started the crazy holiday work period, I actually had time to see my girls Serena and Annalisa, with whom we ate a crazy amount of cake and laughed at all the silly things we used to say and do in high school!!


I brought some wood 3D puzzles too, but the only one who could solve them was Serena, and we soon decided to stop before somebody started to enjoy throwing the little pieces at her *blushes*


I also went to a nice little market with mom, where we had a dried fruit haul!! Honestly, how to resist??


We checked all the nice handmade goodies out too!! These owls were the only things with enough light around to take a decent pic…they’re cute aren’t they?


I assure you this fountain is absolutely awful in daylight but with the dark and a blue led it’s the best it could be lol



How are you guys? Talk to me here in the comments!!:)



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  1. ecaroline23 says:

    So much indulgence during the break and loved every moment of it!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jojo says:

      That’s great! Already getting back to work/study or got few more days of “nomnomnomnom” ? 😉


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