Best Reads – Mixed Skills


Edited picture from Dress Your Tech by DesignLoveFest

Oh boy, I am SO sleepy 😀 I spent the day getting the house (and the fridge) ready for the next few days, when the house will be in my father and brother’s hands most of the time since me and mom are both going to work..sigh 😀 So happy I did though. Let’s go see what I enjoyed reading this week?:)

  1. Stop Shopping For Your Imaginary Life by Shoeperwoman: This is one of the things that fools us the most, specially during sales period!! I needed a reminder like CRAZY and probably you too 😉
  2. 3 Overnight Masks For A Glowing Skin by Hello Natural: Now, I don’t know about the overnight thing as I move too much to keep a mask overnight. But! Those three seems so good, and you can keep them on while you do some chores, or during a relaxing bath 🙂
  3. Easy Chocolate Oreo Truffles by A Beautiful Mess: Delicious and so ridicuosly customizable!! Warning: almost impossible to stop eating those!!
  4. Cruelty Free Beauty List by Don’t you feel a lot better using your stuff when you know they’re cruelty free??:))

Ciao guys!!


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