Omnia Indian Garnet – An Iridescent, Silky Fragrance


In the last few weekends I’ve been working in a beauty shop in Siena, to promote all Bulgari’s fragrances, and in particular the very last members of the family: Omnia Indian Garnet (for her) and Man in Black (for him).

Now, before I get started..I never had a thing for perfumes and even when I did (I have a never ending love for Escale à Portofino by Dior) I’ve only put them while I’m home, never outside. Because I feel like it’s kind of too much vanity, if you know what I mean? Anyway, I’ve been working in this field for 5 years now, and I can tell a classy perfume when I smell one!!

Omnia Indian Garnet, which we received as a gift during the Bulgari’s briefing, is exotic and rare, just like a garnet, the precious stone it is inspired to. Let’s see what’s inside:


Top Notes: Tangerine and Saffron the energetic and sophisticated hint

Heart Notes: Tuberose and Osmanthusthe feminine, radiant hint

Base Notes: Indian Woods and Amberthe silky, sensual hint

It’s a great wintery frangrance, as it’s long-lasting yet it remains delicate and subtle. If you’re accostumed to really really fresh and zesty perfumes, this one might feel too sweet on the long term, but in any other cases I feel like it can suit every personality and occasion.

One more thing to say; Osmanthus is a really rare ingredient to find in fragrances, which makes this perfume stand out! It’s an iridescent, silky scent that recalls luxury and femininity.

What perfume are you using? I’m one curious monkey!!

Ps: In the picture you can see the 30ml version. Click here to see all versions included the GORGEOUS gift pack!!



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