Experiments – Soap Bubbles Pictures!!

Few days ago I dragged my brother outside, bribing him with soap bubbles and telling him that he was going to help me with an experiment. That was absolutely true!! I wanted to see if I was able to photograph the bubbles..and came out that I need A LOT more exercise!! 😀

We had fun though!! And the dog was completely shocked indeed, as we were paying more attention to those weird flying things than to Her Majesty 😀

The really-not-easy thing about bubbles is to put them of focus, as they’re basically transparent and they’re continuosly moving..


Then! After a while of trying, one of them stuck on the ground and even if it wasn’t looking perfectly round as I wished, I could take a nice close up..



After that!! I caught the PERFECT bubble. Just, the little bastard had to fly right in front of my father’s car so this is not what you’d call a professional picture but at least, little bubble, I gotcha!!



Okay, so. I will go to sleep now so you can all discuss about how weird I am lol.




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