(Late) Best Reads – Gettin’ Crafty Again + The Cutest Vid!!


Hi!! Thought I was going to miss the best reads this week hm?? If so, you were technically right because this is the new week but..meh..isn’t late better than never? 😉

So, here we start!! There also is a video because it was just the CUTEST thing..you’ll see!

  1. Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box by Etsy: I did know how to make crystals but I’ve never found a way to actually use them. This box looks so beautiful and also kinda expensive!! The perfect kind of high satisfaction- little effort craft!!
  2. Lush Drummers Drumming Reausable Bubble Bar Review by Musing of a Muse: Now, this girl knows how to write a review!! This one makes you want to get out, buy your drummer and get right back home to fill the tub!!
  3. How To Make A Paper Bow by How About Orange: Another astonishing yet very simple handmade thingy! Looks like it just came out of a 3D printer!! I also love when blogs have free printables..because you can save them and use them ‘errytime you need!!
  4. “Makers Gonna Make” Applique Pillow: A decorative and significative pillow..for your maker self or maker loved ones.

Plus, as promised, a video shared from Joy  in her “Ruby and Coco” channel on Vimeo. “Ruby Teaches Mama Mandarin”  is 24 seconds of uninterrupted awwww’s *.*

Hope you enjoyed peeps!!



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