Trying The Two Strand Twist – And Loving It!!


Hey peeps!! News of the moment: I started twisting my air to get better, healthier curls in the last few weeks, and I am trying to make it a routine! In the picture, you can see the bunch of products I use to keep my head…hum..decent ;D

If your hair is not the “african type” but it’s fine and it easily gets dry, just like mine, I suggest you put a leave-in conditioner first, like the one in the picture! For better results, try to make the locks all in the same’ll get you more defined curls!

The products you see are: Leave in conditioner Intelligent Nutrients, Naissance Shea Butter (unrefined, organic) which I do most of the moisturizing process with,Farmagan Performance Elasticizing Fluid -find it in specialzed stores- for extra protection and definition plus a nice UV filter, Tangle Teezer,hair band.

I watched many many tutorials, as the twisting process is not easy as it might seem..the best ones so far are this and this one.

Few tips:

  • You want to start from the back of your head. because when your arms get tired -and they will-you want the most difficult part to be done already. You welcome 😉
  • If you are feeling a bit it another day 😀
  • Don’t forget to spray water on hair if it dries up and re-moisturize!I
  • If done well, this hair style is higly wearable and it saves a lot of time in the morning. However, if you have fine hair, I suggest you don’t keep it mre than one day.

Please somebody do it too, I want some curly friend to chat about it with!! 😉



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