Two Statement Items On Etsy I’m In Love For!!

Okay well, at this point you understood this about me: I get crushes on so many stuff and so bloody easily. But the difference between crushes and love is that I don’t get to think that I don’t need it after all, even after several months. And! That’s the case for this two

  • Super Chunky infinity scarfΒ in the colors Peacock, Lipstick,Passion and Woods!! The neck is probably the most fragile part of my body okay? πŸ˜€ so of course I have a thing with scarves and the chunkiest they are,the happiest I am. And this one is THE chunkiest!
  • Set of Modern Stacking Wood RingsΒ : I’ve been wanting a statement ring for so long and those two looks so natural yet very structured and give that certain something to each and every daytime outfit!!

Sorry for not putting pictures but the ring is actually out of stock so I didn’t have an imagine clear enough, just the small one on the advertisement and it didn’t look so good in big size! πŸ˜€

Have a nice week start you all!! πŸ™‚



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