Best Reads – Between Fun and Wisdom!!

Howdy!! I’m just off from work and this is the first working Saturday of December which is always kind of a paranormal experience! So let’s go straight to the point and see what I enjoyed the most to read this week. And please, forgive me if it doesn’t make sense! 😀

1.How  To Fake Being Awake by From Roses: I believe we all get to the moment when we need a post like this one..specially when the bed is so warm, and outside is oh-so-cold!

End Every Day With a Ten-Minute Cleansing Session by Lifehacker: A short, effective post that reminds you how not to get that super messy desk over there 😀

How To Make Bath Bombs by Intimate Weddings: This blog gives a lot of GREAT ideas for wedding favors that can be adapted to each and every situation. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love a good bath bomb?? 😉

Giftable Recipes: Vegan Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Mix by Free People:  not-vegan version is fine too, and I just LOVE the idea itself!! It’s a nice way to say: “I love you and I want you to get my cuddles even if I’m not there” ^.^

Oooookay have a nice time everyone..I will finally,happily,sleep 😀

ps: I’ve been promoting a really great product and I’ll be posting about it in a while..yaayy! 🙂



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