New Infusion Crush +A Simple Meditation Method


I really have a thing for infusions. I find it the best way to stay hydrated in the cold months and I love to experiment with new types and pair them with food and good books. This one is Snore&Peace by Clipper Teas and it have chamomlle,lemon balm and lavender and I ADORE it!!


I don’t only drink it before sleeping though, because some days  had too much coffee and I need to balance hehe..

I think it reaches perfection with half a teaspoon of honey, which also helps you feel the flavor more, in my opinion (but no idea why so maybe I’m just imagining it!!)

The other day I made it during some very busy hours when me and my mom were preparing dinner in a hurry and I had a sneaky anxiety hunting me since the day before. So while the food was on the fire I went in my room and decided to sip my hot drink in the dark. While doing that, I tried to focus on nothing else than my breathe and the sound of me drinking. I even did it a bit noisier than usual and that made me giggle, so I focused on the giggle.

I think this can be an easy way to unwind, for those who find it difficult to empty their mind. Focusing on the sounds you make allows you to be a bit more “inside yourself”,if you know what I mean? Awe, I’m not good explainng this things am I? 😀

Let me know if you got it!!

Have a good day all of you!!



ps: I took inspiration for this photos with the small lights from Vivianna makeup ❤

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