Best Reads – Great Deals&Ideas!!

glittery1My edit of this WeHeartit image

Hello everybody!! I hope you’re all having fun and enjoying the weekend. I am being partIcularly lazy today as it’s the last non-working Saturday I get until Xmas.

Let’s see my favorite reads for this week, ladies and gents!

  1. Silver Lining: Metallic Picks for Grown-Up Sparkle by Byrdie: A guide to some really sparkly stuff. Raise your hand if you like a bit of sparkle all year long!!
  2. 10 Black Friday Deals You Don’t Want To Miss by The Effortless Chic: Ah, how good do the words “sales” and “deals” sound?? They almost give me goosebumps lol!!
  3. Natural Hair Two-Strand Twist by A Beautiful Mess: I only started twisting my hair since a couple of weeks and I was going to post about it soon; the ABM team just read my mind!! 🙂 I really needed an easy tutorial and this one is, Latonya looks simply stunning in those pics!!
  4. My lazy Sunday Routine by Essie Button: Estèe’s vids are..geniusly cute! Which means they give great ideas and makes you want to cuddle her..just try!! I would never keep the dog inside the house and around the food though but other than that this video is perfection!!

Ciao now! I’m going to enjoy some pizza and armchair napping!! 🙂



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